Wigan Warriors: Will the new team be as strong as last season?

The Warriors have been back in the Premiership this season, but a trip to Leicester City next Sunday could be just the ticket to the Premiership title.

The Warriors will travel to Leicester on Saturday, when the Foxes travel to Cardiff.

Wigan are just four points adrift of safety, having lost seven of their last eight games and only three of their past five, but the Warriors are now seven points clear at the top of the table and three points clear of fourth-placed Hull City.

They have also lost two of their previous four away games.

The Warriors were in the top half of the Premier League standings at the end of the previous campaign but have now been outscored by an average of 23.7 points.

A big reason for the disparity has been the emergence of a young squad with the likes of Anthony Milford, David Mundy and Jai Fry at the club.

With two of the team’s four goals coming from outside the forward line, the Warriors have had a difficult time getting a shot on target.

While it is easy to say it is an area where the Warriors will struggle, there is no doubting the quality of the players in that squad.

The only real question will be whether the Warriors can sustain that form for a full season, given the way the Warriors currently sit in the standings.

However, if they can take another step forward against the likes, Cardiff, Brighton and Cardiff City, then the Warriors may be able to find themselves back in a position to claim the top four.