Why you shouldn’t pay to visit sage lodge

In a nod to a recent Supreme Court ruling that said lodging rooms were considered part of the state’s public domain, the sage lodge at Donna’s Premier Resort is being taken off the list of state historic properties.

The lodge, located just off the main road into town, is home to the oldest lodge in the state, according to the National Register of Historic Places.

The new listing comes two years after the lodge was designated a historic landmark, though Donna still holds the rights to use it.

The listing, however, only applies to the lodge.

Donna, the resort’s namesake, purchased the land in 1925.

A handful of neighboring towns, including the former Donna Springs, also own the land.

Now, the lodge will be on the list only because it’s a part of a broader development, said Dana Dreyer, a spokeswoman for Donna.

The resort has a long history of development and is expected to be among the tallest in the area, said Dreyers spokeswoman, Natalie Fonseca.

It has a barber shop, a spa, a movie theater, and several restaurants, Fon seca said.

Dreyes name was changed to Donna Lodge in 1996 to reflect the lodge’s location in the town.

The property, which sits on a 4,500-acre parcel of land, has been on the National Historic Register since 1976.