When is the next Surf Lake lodge opening?

When the next surf lodge is open for business, the Lake District Surf Club will likely have to look at another resort location for the club.

The resort was recently rebranded as the Surf Lake Lodge, but with the addition of a new restaurant and an expanded resort lounge, the resort’s new name is no longer needed.

In its announcement, the club announced it would be opening the Surf Lodge at the Wolf Lodge at 6.30pm on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, replacing the current Wolf Lodge.

“The Surf Club is pleased to announce that the Surm Lake Lodge will be returning to Surf Lake in 2019,” said Surm Lakes Surf Club chairman Paul Janssen.

“Surf Lake has been a favourite destination for surfers and locals for more than 150 years and the new Surf Lakes Hotel will provide a spectacular location for both.”

We are very grateful to the people of Surf Lakes for their support over the years and hope the Surflines Hotel will continue to be a popular destination for local surfers.

“While there are no plans for a Surm Park, the new resort will have a swimming pool, a spa and a restaurant.

In a statement, the Surf Lakes Hotel said: “The Surm lakes hotel is now a new concept with new facilities, new features and new menus that will be unveiled at a later date.

We are excited to welcome the Surmarines Hotel to Surmlands Resort, and look forward to welcoming guests to Surf Lakes in 2019.

Surf Lakes Surm Resort is a newly constructed multi-purpose resort with a modern, open-air spa, sauna and hot tub.

There will be a wide variety of food and beverage options, including the first-ever burger joint in the UK.

The restaurant will also be open for lunch and dinner.