What’s in the new 2017 Crested Butte National Monument?

The Grand Canyon National Park has been designated a National Monument by the Obama administration.

The announcement by the president marks the end of the “crested butte” designation, which was established in 2016.

But it comes amid mounting criticism from some conservationists, including members of Congress, who say the designation could be a boon to tourism and other economic development.

The designation has been controversial in the past, especially from some Native American tribes who contend it would give land to the federal government for mining and other mining activity.

The proclamation says the monument is a monument to the “dignity and majesty” of the land, including its natural and cultural history and scenic beauty, the “sustained presence of wildlife,” and the protection of natural resources and natural resources-related activities.

The National Park Service said in a statement that the monument will also “preserve the historic landmarks, interpretive resources, and cultural and historic resources” of this region.

The Grand Canyon is a spectacular canyon system that is the world’s second-largest desert.

It’s the third-largest canyon in the contiguous United States, behind Grand Canyon Colorado and Grand Canyon San Luis Potosi.