‘Walking Dead’ star Rick Grimes on his first day of training in the UK

The Walking Dead star Rick McCallister has posted a photo on Instagram of himself on a train with a new recruit as he prepares to train in the U.K. for the second season of the series.

“On the way to the training station I met my new fellow trainee,” McCallisters captioned the photo, which shows the 24-year-old star, who recently completed filming in London, in front of a red, white and blue train that’s parked in front a train station in Glasgow.

“We had a few minutes to chat, we are both very excited to be here and I hope you will join me on the train to join us,” he captioned.

“We’re training to get back on the road.

Hopefully we’ll get to the top of this hill.”

The British actor, who previously starred on shows like The Office and The Walking Death, is currently on location filming for the sixth season of AMC’s hit show.

The actor is currently filming on location in Ireland, Scotland and England for the next two seasons.