President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris climate agreement puts the U.S. on a collision course with the world

Axios—Trump is pulling the U,S.

out of the Paris climate accord, leaving the U., the world’s second largest economy, on a global collision course.

Trump has signaled that he wants to withdraw the U from the deal and he is expected to announce on Friday that he is pulling out of it, according to Axios, citing a person familiar with the White House’s thinking.

The move will send a signal to the world that the U of A is out of touch with the U S. and will cause a backlash.

Trump has threatened to cut off federal funding to countries that do not sign onto the Paris accord, a move that would have been a major setback for the U’s global economy.

Trump is expected in the coming days to make his final decision on whether to remain in the accord.

It would be the first major change to the agreement since Trump took office, which was signed by more than 200 countries in 2015.

Trump’s decision would be a major blow to global climate action and could have a cascading effect.

The U.N. climate change talks are scheduled to begin in Morocco on Jan. 20, and it’s expected that the United States will be the only country not to participate.

“President Trump has shown himself to be a global pariah on climate and climate change,” said Chris Horner, senior director for the Energy and Climate Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“This is a major loss for U. S. leadership in this global fight for a livable planet.”

“It’s clear that the president has no intention of supporting the Paris agreement, even if he wanted to,” said Horner.

“But it’s going to be really hard to get a clean bill of health on climate change from him.

And he’s going be in a very tough spot in the next months.”

The U.K., Canada and France are among the countries that are still committed to the Paris deal, which aims to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) compared to pre-industrial times.

But the U.”s position has been evolving, and the president is likely to be pressured to withdraw before the conference gets underway.