Indian resort lodges to be shut down by summer due to rising mercury

India’s Grand Lake Lodge and Ristown Lodge are set to close for a fortnight, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The lodges, which both are owned by the Royal British Mounted Police, will be closed on June 10 and 11, respectively, to help reduce mercury levels.

“This is about keeping our lodge facilities in good condition and we have been working closely with the local authorities to ensure that this does not happen,” said the lodge’s manager, Pradeep Kumar.

A total of 1,988 people have been diagnosed with coronaviruses and 4,038 have died in India, according to a report by the World Health Organization.

Lodges are usually open between 9am and 9pm.

The Royal Mounted police said the closure of lodges was needed due to increased mercury levels and other health problems.

Officials said the lodges are currently under quarantine, which means that people can no longer come in and out of the premises, and there are no flights available.

This means the lodgings are not open for the duration of the pandemic and visitors will not be able to return until June 11, 2018.

Maine, Vermont and New York have also banned the use of any outdoor venue that houses people over 18 for the pandemics, and California has already banned any outdoor activity that could be used to test for the virus.

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