How to visit the Great Bear Lodge, one of the most famous locations in California

Snowbird Resort in Yosemite National Park, California, was built in 1924 by John C. Winter as the winter home of the legendary rock star and cowboy Billy the Kid. 

The resort was an attraction for the likes of Harry and Edith Wharton, whose children also owned properties in the resort.

The Wharton family, who had built a resort in the area, died in 1923. 

Snowbird has been a popular destination for locals for generations.

It is famous for its iconic winter sunrise and sunset. 

 In 2012, it was revealed that the Wharton’s had planned to build a $20 million resort in a remote part of the park, called the Wilderness Lodge, to replace the existing resort. 

Despite having plans to build an resort there, a new resort was never built. 

Last year, the Whartons died. 

It is believed that the hotel’s owner, Tom Sosnick, was a member of the Whistons family. 

“It’s not known whether the Whistsons actually owned the property.

They had the land and they owned the land,” said California State Parks Director Joe DeCarlo.”

If they did own it, they would have been very well advised to get the Whistingtons out of the way.”