How to find the best old-fashioned lodge for your wedding reception

The old-school lodge that everyone is talking about right now is the Stowe Mountain Lodge.

The lodge was founded in 1905 and is one of the oldest in New England.

But it was the lodge at the time that first became famous.

“The name Stowe is derived from the words ‘Stowe’s Creek,’ which is where the Stoughts’ Creek is located in the Kennebec National Forest,” said Joe B. O’Brien, owner and superintendent of the Stowes Mountain Lodge, in a statement.

“They were the first lodge built in the early 1900s, and that’s how we know the name Stowemans Creek.

That’s the name we use to call the lodge.”

Stowe was also the name of the first American flag flying over Stowe, where the lodge is located.

A plaque in the main entrance states, “The Stowe Mountains were named after the famous Stowe brothers, who were the original owners of the land where the cabin was located.”

It’s also a nod to the legendary Stowe sisters, who, according to the Stows, were a “daughters of the Virgin Mary and a bride of God.”

A plaque at the entrance of the lodge states that the Stonewall Stowells were “among the first of the white settlers who were allowed to settle in Maine in 1770.”

Stowess, the original Stowe Brothers, founded the lodge in 1905, the statement continues.

“Our mission has been to preserve, educate and preserve the rich history of the people of Maine, and the Stowa brothers were a true pioneer and their legacy lives on in our community.”

The Stowems are also known for their annual tradition of opening their lodge doors and giving a traditional welcome.

In a ceremony in their lodge, guests are asked to gather at a designated place on the ground floor and then are welcomed inside.

“We celebrate the Stowing family in the Stokes and Stowesses families in the family,” said B.A. O. Bostwick, superintendent of Stowe Lodge.

“It’s a family reunion and it’s a reunion of the family.”

Here’s a video of the welcome, from the Stowers’ web site.