How to avoid black lodge-related incidents in the capital

The capital of Madhya Pradesh has been a hotbed of black lodge incidents.

The most popular spot for black lodges is the Shivaji Maidan, a crowded place in the heart of the city, where a number of young people gather to celebrate their wedding.

Many of them are young girls from nearby villages. 

Some of them, however, are not the only ones to come to the Shivajaji Maidans.

There is a large number of white lodges located in the vicinity. 

As per the statistics provided by the city police, in the last five years, there have been seven instances of black lodgers vandalising white lodgings in the city. 

The police have filed cases against 14 black lodger for the crimes committed during this period. 

In the past, it has been reported that the police are not enforcing the provisions of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Municipal Corporation Act, 2005 to protect white lodgers.

In the days of the British rule, the Lodges of Justice, the oldest Indian institution, had been under the protection of the police, who maintained a watch over them.

In fact, there were some lodges that were left in the hands of their owners, who also used to take out a loan to keep them running.

The loan was then paid back to the owners, but these days, the owners often don’t make any attempt to protect the white lodger.

This is what has resulted in black lodging cases happening in the neighbourhood. 

According to a survey conducted by the Mumbai Police in 2016, the average income of the white- and black-owned lodges in the area is Rs 15,000, which is about one and a half times the income of a Hindu-owned lodge. 

However, in some places, the number of black- and white-owned white lodgs in the locality is far higher. 

A few days ago, a group of 20-25 young girls went to the Maharaja Suresh Bhaiya Mandir, a white-masonry temple in the middle of the Shivaja Maidan in an attempt to celebrate a marriage.

They were told that there was a white lodge nearby and that they would have to walk around it. 

“It took me two hours to walk about 20 metres, then I got to the white lodge and the girls were told to go away,” said one of the girls, who requested to remain anonymous. 

On Friday night, the girl, who was only 16 years old, said that she saw a group approaching her and she asked them what was wrong.

The group told her that there were a group called “black lodge”. 

The girl told the group that they were going to the black lodge to celebrate the wedding. 

She said that there is a white temple nearby and she was told to stay away from it.

She went to her home and the same group approached her and told her to go to the temple.

The girl said that they didn’t let her go. 

After a while, she said, a large group of people came to the same place and asked her to leave.

She said that the people from the group came to her and started abusing her and asking her to stay.

She was told that she had to go.

After the incident, the police said that it was an accident and that the girls had approached them to celebrate. 

They said that police were investigating the incident and that it will be forwarded to the police for further action.

When contacted, the organisers of the wedding, who were not able to be reached for comment, did not offer any comment.