How much will the Forest Service pay to restore the Willamette River?

Willametah, Oregon (AP) The Forest Service has not said how much it is asking for to restore an iconic riverboat that was badly damaged by heavy rains in the late 1970s.

It’s unclear how much the state is asking, though.

The Forest Protection District said Wednesday it had received a request from the agency for $2 million to restore a water-logged Willamett Lake boat.

The district’s board of directors is expected to vote next week on the request.

In a written statement, the agency said it is not in a position to make a determination on the amount requested.

It said that it would have to wait for the federal government to complete its review of the restoration.

The Willametta is the last waterway that navigates the Columbia River.

It flows northward from the Willams Fork in Oregon’s eastern Columbia River Gorge and then down the Willapa River, passing through the Columbia National Park and through Oregon’s forests.

It runs through several cities in the area, including Portland, Salem, Bend and Salem, Oregon.