How Disney’s new wilderness lodge in Maine could inspire Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ to live in the wild

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Maine has been a dream of many, with the park’s namesake characters living in the mountains.

Now, the park will be making the dream come true, with Disney Parks Blog confirming the news that Disney Parks Wilderness Lodge will be opening in 2017.

A press release from Disney parks reads:The announcement comes on the heels of Disney Parks California Adventure, which opened in July of 2018.

A similar announcement has been made for its new California Adventure park in 2019.

Disney’s California Adventure will be the first theme park in the world to feature a new theme park park, with its first permanent attraction, The Jungle Book, coming to Disney Parks.

The Jungle Book has been part of the Disney Parks portfolio for more than a decade, with fans of the film having been waiting for the ride for nearly a decade.

 The ride is slated to open in 2019 and will be called The Jungle, but its official name will be announced later.