Canada’s largest timberline lodge gets $3.2M boost in construction

A new $3 million addition to the Canada’s longest-standing timberline in Alberta has the lodge community cheering.

The Canada’s premier timber industry body said Thursday the addition will create approximately 2,300 jobs at Timberline Lodge in Thunder Bay.

The lodge, the oldest of two in Alberta, is located on a large parcel of land in the area known as the Moose Lodge, just north of the town of Thunder Bay and near the Canadian border.

The area has a high timber density and the lodge’s timber structure has been an important source of income for many generations of Moose Lodge residents.

A team of volunteers from the Timberline Village Band and the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, along with the TimberLine Lodge’s community members, helped put the project together.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said the Timberlines’ contribution to the community is not just an economic boost, but it is also a symbol of their support for the community.

“They are an integral part of our community, and their contribution to our economy is very much appreciated,” Notley told reporters.

The addition is part of a $1.2 billion project by Alberta’s First Nation and the Northern Alberta Development Corporation (NADC) to develop the site for a new forest-replacement project.

The project is part and parcel of a major forest-reduction plan approved in September by the federal government, which also includes the establishment of a Northern Gateway pipeline.

It has been estimated that about half of the project’s revenue will come from the Northern Gateway project.

More:Northern Gateway pipeline, Alberta’s premier and Alberta NDP government sayThe project will see an estimated 2.8 million cubic metres of natural gas shipped from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to a pipeline terminal in the Alberta oil sands.

The pipeline will connect with existing pipelines in the Gulf Coast, including the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline to Burnaby, B.C., and Kinder Morgan Line 3 to the Pacific coast.