Campus lodge trailer, the lodge trailer

Students at a small rural campus lodge on the Sunshine Coast will have to relocate from their campus lodges after their lodge trailer fell off a cliff.

Key points:The RMIT College of Nursing and Health Sciences is preparing for a possible closureThe lodge trailer was on a slope at Mount St George on the south coast, about 50 kilometres north of DarwinIt’s the second lodge trailer to fall off the cliff at the University of Queensland’s Mount St. George campus in the past yearThe RMit College of Nurses and Health Science has been preparing for possible closure after a tree fell off its lodge trailer on Mount St Joseph’s.

“We’re preparing for that possibility as it’s an unstable slope, so we’re planning on making a good recovery and getting that back on track as quickly as possible,” Dr Rachel Horsman, RMIT’s Director of Forestry and Parks said.

“That’s the main priority at this stage.”

Dr Horsmans said a large tree fell from the tree at the lodge, which is about 25 metres away from the lodge.

“It’s a massive tree and it is in the process of falling off the slope,” she said.

Ms Horsmen said the tree was at least 60 metres tall, with some sections weighing up to 250 kilograms.

“A large tree can fall off a tree, it’s not a problem in the long run,” she explained.

“But, when it comes to our lodge, we are in a very unstable area.”

Dr Sarah Hargrove, RMit’s Assistant Dean for Health Services, said the RMIT Campus and Hospital is a good location for the lodge to be relocated, given the nearby area and the nearby highway.

“The RMET campus is about 150 metres away and the hospital is about 75 metres away,” she told the ABC.

“So, the hospital’s going to be a better location to move the lodge than the RMET.”

Dr Paul Smith, RMits chief executive, said while the lodge was damaged in the fall, the damage to the tree had been repaired.

“If you take a look at the tree and the damage it caused it’s gone,” he said.

“The tree was taken out of the ground in a hurry and it’s going in an excellent state.”‘

I was hoping it would come back’The lodge is a remote site in the Mount St Joe Mountains, which are about 200 kilometres north east of Darwin.

“I was actually hopeful it would return, that it was going to get back to where it was,” student Laura Jones told News24.

“Because it’s a remote location, I think it’s important for people to have that hope and belief in what they can do.”

Hopefully, it will.

“Dr Smith said the lodge will be returned to the campus, but there are many factors to consider before the lodge can be reopened.”

In terms of our campus, we’re doing a very good job of rehabilitating the lodge so we’ve got a good foundation for it to be safe and stable,” he explained.

He said the school was not sure how long it would take to complete the repairs.”

You can’t put a timeline on it,” he added.”

This will be an ongoing process, and we’re not quite sure how much longer we’re going to need to wait before we can reopen.

“Ms Jones said she was glad she was able to make the move.”

My friend is from Australia and he said that this was one of the biggest disasters that he’d ever seen,” she noted.”

He’s got a lot of friends in Australia that are studying here and they’re very happy that I’m here.