Bear kills coyote at Yellowstone Park, officials say

A bear has killed a coyote near Yellowstone National Park, the U.S. Forest Service said Monday.

A bear killed a nocturnal coyote on Sunday night near the park’s southernmost area of the park, according to the Yellowstone National Forest Service.

The bear was tracked and euthanized by the park service and federal wildlife officials.

Yellowstone National Parks spokesman Tim Dyer said in a statement that the coyote was “trespassing on public lands.”

The coyote had been “tearing off sections of vegetation and causing a disturbance” near the western edge of the Yellowstone Lake Lodge, Dyer added.

The park service said in an email to CBS News that it was aware of the death and that it will take action against any trespassing and any other animal that poses a danger to the public.

The U.N. World Wildlife Fund, the largest conservation organization in the world, has been monitoring the park since at least 2008.