Beaches lodge at the deadwood

When the lodge at Deadwood in Northern NSW was built in 1901 it was the only lodge in the area.

Its location, near a famous local swimming pool, was one of the best for swimming and boating.

However, the lodge was closed to the public for much of the 1910s.

It was reopened in 1927 when the community’s water supply was cut off by the Great Northern Railway.

In 1928 the lodge became a new learning lodge and became a popular gathering spot for local students.

The Lodge’s original site was later demolished to make way for the development of the area, with its former members relocated to the nearby Lakeside area.

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The Lodge has a long history, with the original members arriving in the late 1800s.

They were the first settlers of the Deadwood area, arriving from nearby Stirling, in Scotland.

As the years went on, the old members moved to nearby Llanelli, where the lodge is now.

In the 1960s, a group of retired school children came to visit the lodge.

The young men, who came from the nearby Lake District, were surprised to find the lodge in great condition, with only minor damage.

They also discovered that the building’s original walls had been torn down to make room for the pool, and they built a new building for the kids to go swimming in.

“The kids had come to the lodge and the staff were just happy to see them,” one of them said.

The lodge was a popular place for young people to meet and to socialise.

A new development in the Deadwoods A new development, with a new name, is under construction near Deadwood, with plans to restore the lodge’s original setting.

The site was bought by an elderly couple, who hoped to restore it to its former glory.

In 2018, the project started work on a new, more modern structure, with one goal in mind: to restore Deadwood’s original glory.

The two-storey building will be completed in 2019, but the plan is to replace the old building with a modern, high-quality building in the coming years.

After the building is complete, the building will sit on a site in the Lake District.

The couple will be renovating the property and will be looking to sell it.

They have not yet decided whether to sell or buy the land.

Architectural firm Llanellachs has completed a feasibility study into the proposed building, and has also applied for planning permission to build the new lodge.

Llanellas plans for the site have been published online, and will need to go through planning approval.

But the heritage-listed building, which was built before the Great War, has attracted plenty of interest from the local community, with locals keen to see the old lodge restored.

They are also keen to bring the old structure back to life, and to see it open up to the community.

“The building itself is a great heritage building and I think it would be an amazing addition to the Deadlands,” one resident told the ABC.

“I think it could be a good place for people to come and relax and see the beautiful lake.”

This article was originally published on The Sport Book, and is republished here with permission.

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