Bavarian Lodges in Kerala – Kerala: a guide

Tenaya Lodge, a new lodge located in the state capital, Kerala, was opened in 2019 by the newly-appointed Bhattacharya Lodges Commission for Development.

The lodge, which has the name of the original village Tenaya, has its origins in the ancient village of Sankalpur, located in Ladakh.

The name of Tenaya has its roots in the word for “village”.

The lodge is situated in a very peaceful place in the middle of the forest.

The village was settled by the Sikhs in the 6th century and the first permanent temple was built in 1330 by Guru Gobind Singh, the founder of Sikhism.

The current site of the lodge was first identified by the German explorer Carl Schmitt in the 1920s.

The building was constructed in the style of the old village, with an open roof, a small room for meditation, a wooden stove and a small altar.

The structure was surrounded by a large stone enclosure.

Today, the lodge has been converted into a guesthouse for tourists and locals.

The Bhattocharya Lodgs Commission for Economic Development is a non-profit organisation created in 2016 by the Government of Kerala.

They have been working for the development of the state for the last three years.

They are an initiative of the Government to provide social and economic benefits to the people of the State.

Tenaya is also a resort for the resort community.

The Lodge is located in a park, on a private property, and the residents are welcome to come and visit the lodge.

Tenayas main purpose is to offer visitors the opportunity to have a relaxing and friendly atmosphere in the most tranquil surroundings.

The purpose of Tenayes main building is to provide a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity for guests to come to relax, explore and meet other visitors.

There are also some activities and cultural events that can be attended in the lodge including a film festival, traditional folk dancing and concerts.

TenAYA LODGE – FUTURE FACTS The Lodge has an annual budget of Rs 1.5 crore.

It was inaugurated on November 29, 2019.

Tenays budget was allocated for the purpose of building the lodge as a guest house and for the maintenance of the premises.

Teneyas primary purpose is for the improvement and maintenance of its infrastructure.

Tenyas primary function is to attract and retain tourists and visitors.

The Lodges annual budget is allocated for two purposes: • the upkeep of the infrastructure and • the development and maintenance activities.

• The Lodgs main purpose, to provide an atmosphere and a comfortable place for the guests.

The facilities of the lodges main building are limited to the accommodation of up to 20 people and for food.

The accommodation and food served at the lodge is furnished by Tenaya Lodges, which is not available for public consumption.

The lodges only offer hospitality to a select few visitors.

Tenayanaham, the first owner of Tenayanahs lodges, is the chief steward and the only proprietor of the company.

TenYahmaham owns the management and administration of Tenays lodges and the management of Tenyanaham lodges.

Tenya has been operating the lodge for the past 30 years.

Teniyas management has been entrusted with a management of the affairs of the Lodge.

The management of Lodges operations has been given to the Chief Steward.

The Steward has responsibility to provide maintenance to the lodge, and to oversee the activities of the Lodges activities.

The steward also has responsibility for providing guidance to the management.

The Chief Stewards role is to monitor the activities and to advise the Steward in his role as Steward and to provide direction to the staff.

The chief stewards main responsibility is to supervise the activities carried out by the lodge and to maintain the conditions of the structure.

The first Chief Stew, Muthu Vakuntha, was the Stewards chief from 1995 till 1998.

He retired in 2001 and took charge of the management in 2017.

Muthuvakunya, who is a retired doctor, was instrumental in the establishment of Tenya Lodges Lodges management.

His primary responsibility was to supervide the operation of the various lodges activities, including the food serving and the lodging of the visitors.

His main responsibilities included the management, training, overseeing and supervision of the staff and the upkeep.

The number of staff has increased from 20 to 30.

The present management of tenayas Lodges is: The chief Steward Muthuhumuttyan (Muthu) Vakunnathas role is as the chief of the Stewages staff.

He is responsible for supervising the staff members, monitoring the activities, supervising all activities carried on by the staff, advising and guiding the staff in his duty as Stewards Steward, and supervising and monitoring the Lodgers activities. M