5-year-old girl dies after jumping off bridge into river

Five-year old Christina Mejia was killed after she jumped off a bridge in Arizona on Saturday, officials said.

Mejia’s father, Javier Hernandez, told The Arizona Republic that his daughter was staying with family at the Cedar Ridge Inn lodge in Phoenix, where the boy had been staying since May 31.

When he was asked to go to the lodge for his daughter’s birthday, he went, Hernandez said.

When he got there, Mejias father saw her dead on the floor.

“He said, ‘You’re not coming home, are you?'”

Hernandez said of the boy.

He said he went to the hospital and her body was not found.

“She was a very happy child,” Hernandez said, noting that he was able to see her last breaths.

“I would love for her to be alive and happy and have her birthday.”

The boy’s parents said Mejía, who is also from Honduras, was not in the family.

“I’m not going to get into that,” Hernandez added.

“She was not part of the family.”

The Arizona Republic reported that authorities are investigating MejIA’s death.